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New Orleans Swamp Tour Information! Any New Orleans swamp tour is an amazing ADVENTURE. To our north we have the Honey Island swamp tours, to our south we have a Jean Lafitte swamp tours, to our west we have ATV swamp tours and Jet Ski swamp tours in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. If you would prefer an airboat tour we also have New Orleans airboat swamp tours. All these options make swamp tours in New Orleans very popular for those visiting the Crescent City. Swamp tours are between two and four hours long and most swamp tours in the New Orleans area offer transportation to and from your hotel and the swamp tour boat dock.

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Jean Lafitte - Barataria Swamp Tours

Airboat Adventures New Orleans airboat swamp tour

Take an airboat swamp tour with Airboat Adventures

Experience the thrill of an airboat swamp tour! Airboat Adventures invites you on a fascinating Jean Lafitte swamp tour in a way that brings you closer to wildlife that you ever dreamed imaginable. Their personal, expert guides, all have had an ongoing love affair with the swamp since childhood, pause frequently to point out many natural wonders along the way. With scores of ecstatic fan letters as testament, it is clear that Airboat Adventures is the way to view�and experience�the New Orleans swamps. Airboat Adventures offers excursions seven days a week. Group rates and round-trip transportation from New Orleans are available. Airboat Adventures are in the town of Jean Lafitte, approximately 30 miles south of New Orleans. It takes about 45 minutes to get to us in normal traffic. Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Airboat Adventures at 504-689-2005 or toll free 1-888-467-9267.

Jean Lafitte Louisiana swamp boat tour

Take a Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour

Journey with Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours by boat, for a 1 hour 45 minute cajun swamp tour through the heart of Southern Louisiana's swamplands. Experience real-life adventure for the whole family from the comfort of our swamp tour boats. Travel back into their privately owned meandering bayous and take a look into the past. View moss draped cypress trees, fascinating plant life and the creatures who make their homes here in the New Orleans swamp. Your Cajun guide is a native of the area who will share with you the legends and lore of Louisiana's still untamed wilderness. Bring your camera to capture the thrills and chills of this unforgettable swampland journey! Located only twenty-five minutes from New Orleans, Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours explore Louisiana's back country along its meandering bayous abundant with wildlife and exotic plant life. Trained navigators escort you into the murky waters of these New Orleans swamps where you will come face to face with the beauty and beasts of nature.This is the New Orleans swamp tour you won't forget! Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours at 504-587-1719 or toll free 1-800-445-4109. They also have America's First and Only U.S. Coast Guard Approved Night Swamp Tour! call for details.

Cajun Style airboat swamp tour New Orleans

Experience a Cajun Style New Orleans Swamp Tour

Cajun Style Swamp Tours is located in the heart of Pirate Country, on a small Island called Jean Lafitte about 30 minutes from down town New Orleans. All of Cajun Style Swamp tour routes are on private property that has been in their families for many generations. Cajun Style Swamp Tours offers both traditional swamp tours and airboat swamp tours.
Traditional Swamp Tour: This is a two hour swamp tour on a covered boat that moves at a slower pace. This swamp boat travels through waters that the once infamous pirate Jean Lafitte sailed. These larger swamp tour boats allow you to get up and walk from side to side so you don't miss anything and are equipped with a restroom, we also sell concessions on our boats. This is a great option for a New Orleans Swamp tour.
Airboat Swamp Tours: High Speed Airboats 6 to 8 passengers or 16 to 20 passergers. Now let me tell ya sha a little about this boat! If you want the Ultimate Adventure in the Jean Lafitte Swamp this is the only way to go. Our small and large high speed airboats can travel in inches of water! This boat will put you deep in the heart of bayou country, where only gators and "crazy cajuns" dare to go! Experience the swamp the way the cajuns and indians lived for generations. Come pass a good time with us!!
Sunset Airboat Swamp Tour: Let us take you on a 2 hour evening swamp tour, in our small high speed airboats! This is a high speed swamp tour with an ending that is second to none. Lake Salvador, one of our largest lakes has one of the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see. Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Cajun Style Swamp Tours at 504-566-0703 or toll free 1-877-566-0703.

Louisiana Tour Company swamp tour

Louisiana Tour Company Swamp Tour

This Louisiana Swamp Tour is one to write home about! See the Cajuns of the Bayou living and surviving in harmony with the swamps. From the relaxed comfort of a Louisiana Tour Company covered Swamp Tour Boat, you will drift slowly past a 2000 year old Indian Burial Mound, a Cajun cemetery and Fishing village! You may see the wildlife that made the New Orleans Swamps the Crown Jewel of the Louisiana Purchase. Here, birds, snakes, turtles, fur animals, and Gators are easily spotted in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Gators do hibernte during the cold winter months, but lay on the bayou banks on warmer days. So even in Winter, our native Captains can sometimes find a sunning Gator on our tour. The slow drift of our tour boats through moss draped trees and small waterways, will provide ample opportunity for viewing and photography. The swamp tour boats are fully narrated and our captains are natives of the New Orleans Swamps with a background of gator hunting, fishing and trapping. They will entertain you and amaze you with the ecology of the swampland. Louisiana Tour Company Swamp Tour Boats are specially designed for your comfort. They have a roof, restroom, cushioned seats, and windows that can be raised or lowered during cold or rainy weather, along with plenty of standing and walking room. These boats will make your New Orelans Swamp tour especially comfortable. You can reach Louisiana Tour Company at 1-888-307-9267.

Honey Island Swamp Tours

Cajun Encounters Honey Island swamp tour

Let Cajun Encounter take you on a Honey Island Swamp Tour

Experience the Honey Island Swamp like no other. Owned and operated by New Orleans natives, Cajun Encounters scouts out the best experts in the field to give you an authentic, safe, personal, hands on tour of the New Orleans swamp. We are a local company, and our mission is to give visitors a REALISTIC view of the swamp.This ain�t no Disney World ride! Using smaller, 24 passenger covered and uncovered boats, (never airboats), we are able to get you closer to wildlife and give you a chance to not only see and smell the swamp, but touch the flora and fauna around you. Get a closer, more intimate feel of your surroundings, being able to see alligators, raccoons, owls, wild boars, nutria, snakes, turtles, bald eagles, black bears, and many birds just feet away! On this New Orleans Swamp tour you will see an authentic Cajun village, only accessible by boat! Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours at 504-834-1770 or toll free 1-866-928-6877.

Dr. Wagner's Honey Island swamp tour Louisiana

Dr. Wagner�s Honey Island Swamp Tour

Since 1982 Dr. Wagner�s has been taking visitors on a journey into the Honey Island swamp. Their use of small boats (both covered and uncovered) allow for deep access into the heart of our beautiful honey island cypress swamp where you can see resident and migratory wildlife including alligators, bald eagles, waterfowl, herons, egrets, ibis, owls, osprey, deer, feral hogs, nutria, raccoon, otter, beaver, mink, turtles, frogs. All boats are Coast Guard-inspected; and all guides are licensed, native, professional guides. Picture the moss hanging on gnarled cypress trees as you travel into one of the wildest and most pristine river swamps in America. With the swamp tales of pirates and sightings of the Honey Island Swamp monster (Big Foot) in the back of your mind, you may be just a little bit nervous at first, but after your first boat ride you'll want to go back again and again! You'll be overcome by the primitive beauty of the cypress trees rising from the water...the sweet smell of wild azaleas in the air. Enjoy Gator Dogs & Pralines at our Cypress Gift Shop overlooking the awesome Honey Island swamp. Two hour New Orleans Swamp tours offered daily. Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Dr. Wagner's Swamp Tour at 504-242-5877.

Pearl River Swamp Eco-Tours

Enjoy a Honey Island Swamp Tour with Pearl River Eco-Tours

Come experience a New Orleans Swamp tour with us. At Pearl River Eco-Tours, our Coast Guard certified guides provide and exciting tour that is fun for everyone. Owner/Operator Neil Benson is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. Captain Neil has over 15 years of hands on experience in the wilderness and has been taking guests into the Honey Island Swamp for more than 10 years. Our guides are professionally educated and are experts on the Honey Island ecosystem and history. Moreover, our guides are native to the area and provide a local flair that sets us apart. Pearl River Eco-Tours offers the finest amenities to ensure comfort for all of our tour guests. To ensure there is no wait we have added both mens and womens bathrooms that are handicap accessible. Our shop is over 2000 sq/feet and we have a large covered porch with tables and ceiling fans for your comfort. We even have over 200 feet of dock space for those who want to picnic on the bayou or cast out a line in the fish laden waters of the swamp.We have over 4 acres of ample parking to provide room for movability without any hassles and more than enough room for buses to turn around and/or park. You can reach Pearl River Eco-Tours at 985-649-4200 or toll free 1-866-597-9267.

Des Allemands Area Swamp Tours

Louisiana Cajun Bayou Swamp Tour Tours by Isabelle

Louisiana Cajun Bayou Swamp Tour

Experience a Tours by Isabelle swamp tour. This New Orleans Swamp Tour includes a drive out to Cajun Country, you will go through wild cypress swamps, over the Mississippi River on an impressive suspended bridge, and along vast sugarcane fields, as our guide tells a unique story of the odyssey of the Cajun people. Once you arrive at the Bayou Boeuf landing you will board our Bayou boat a slow and peaceful pontoon boat for a narrated boat tour (about one & a half hours) on winding bayous in remote cypress swamps. Your Cajun guide, also an alligator hunter and fur trapper, shares his knowledge of the swamp including reptile habits, healing plants and exotic birds. After this peaceful ride, explore his picturesque swamp zoo on Bayou Boeuf. For more swamp tour information call Tours by Isabelle at 504-398-0365 or 1-888-223-2093

Airboat Tours Des Allemands Louisiana Airboat swamp tour

Explore the bayous of Des Allemands with Airboat Swamp Tours

Join Airboat Tours on the bayou and discover one of the most unique airboat swamp tours in Louisiana! You can take a lazy leisurely ride or a more adventurous �RIDE ON THE WILD SIDE�. Airboat Tours operates six passenger high performance air boats that can reach speeds of 60 mph. Their airboats can actually ride on the marsh and deep in the cypress swamps. See beautiful moss-draped trees, gators, herons, and other New Orleans swamp wildlife up close and personal. Your guide Arthur (a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain), is a commercial alligator and crab fisherman, born on the bayou and is a lifelong resident of Bayou Gauche. He is very knowledgeable on the ecology of the marsh. Airboat tours is only 35 miles from the French Quarter yet is surrounded by a quiet fishing village where the time seems to stand still. Tours are by appointment. You can reach Airboat Tours at 985-758-5531 or toll free at 1-800-975-9345

Manchac Swamp Tours

Cajun Pride Manchac Louisiana swamp tour

Take a Manchac Swamp Tour with Cajun Pride Swamp tours

Hailed by seasoned swamp visitors as �the best they have ever seen.� Make sure you visit Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in the heart of the Manchac Swamp on a privately owned wildlife refuge. This private swamp harbors nutria, ibis, turtles, alligators, herons, raccoons, egrets, and may more species native to the Louisiana swamp. Cajun Pride has experienced local guides and their boats are the only boats traveling these bayous. Swamp creatures, seeing Cajun Pride boats daily, recognize them as part of their normal environment. Unafraid and responsive to their boat captain�s call, they peak out from underbrush and between moss draped trees and shrubs, frequently coming directly to the boats. Cajun Pride's large boats help guaranty non-crowded seating and more mobility while on the boat. Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Cajun Pride Swamp tours at 504-467-0758 or toll free at 1-800-467-0758.

Bayou Signette Swamp Tours

Cajun Critters Bayou Signette swamp tour

Enjoy a Bayou Signette swamp tour with Cajun Critter Swamp Tours

With Cajun Critters Swamp Tours, a Cajun guide is provided and safe passage is assured. Ride in comfort aboard the splendid SWAMP QUEEN, a fully Coast Guard approved vessel, complete with handicap accommodations. Being only a few miles from downtown we truely offer a New Orleans Swamp tour. Our tours depart from the end of Bayou Segnette, a traditional seafood trading center. With Cajun Critters, you'll enter into the backwaters of the Louisiana swamps and float past the places where pirates and Indians once roamed. Discover the beauty of cypress trees draped with Spanish moss...graceful water lilies and wild flowers. Cruise serenely through bayous and swamps carpeted by Duckbill grass... Migrating songbirds, Egrets, Ibexes, Great Blue Herons, Pelicans... perhaps you'll even see a Bald Eagle. Peer far enough ahead and you'll notice an Otter or Mink swimming to the opposite bank. Rabbits and Deer, Armadillos and Ducks all call this mystical wilderness their home. Lying on the bank in the sunshine! A hungry but patient alligator waits, anticipating his next meal. His cold, never-ending stare focuses on a nearby unsuspecting nutria. A snapping turtle, watching knowingly from a nearby cypress knee, plunges beneath the surface of the dark water as we pass. Hotel pickup is available. You can reach Cajun Critters Swamp Tours at 504-347-0962 or toll free at 1-800-575-5578

Bonnet Carre Spillway Swamp Tour

Bonnet Carre Spillway ATV swamp tour

Explore the Bonnet Carre Spillway on an ATV Swamp Tour

Navigate the New Orleans swamp on a powerful ATV. With an ATV or Jet Ski Swamp Tour you will explore South Louisiana�s unique ecosystem while maneuvering your ATV through an expanse of wetland trails just miles from New Orleans. On this New Orleans Swamp Tour you will encounter a wide variety of indigenous plants and wildlife. This thrilling off road excursion will be a New Orleans experience you�ll never forget. The ATV Swamp Tour is in the 7,600 acre Bonnet Carre Spillway which is actually a flood control operation located about 12 miles west of New Orleans - it allows floodwaters from the Mississippi River to flow into Lake Pontchartrain and thence into the Gulf of Mexico. For more ATV Swamp Tour information call 504-390-8800.

Explore the Bonnet Carre Spillway on an Jet Ski Swamp Tour

Explore the New Orleans swamp while maneuvering your Jet Ski through an expanse of wetlands just miles from New Orleans. Our Jet Ski swamp tours take you deep into scenic swamps, rivers and lakes of the Bonnet Carre Spillway. The Jet Ski Swamp Tour is in the 7,600 acre Bonnet Carre Spillway which is actually a flood control operation located about 12 miles west of New Orleans - it allows floodwaters from the Mississippi River to flow into Lake Pontchartrain and thence into the Gulf of Mexico. For more ATV Swamp Tour information call 504-390-8800.

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