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One of the things to do in the French Quarter is to enjoy the many street performers that you will encounter. You will find French Quarter Street Performers on Bourbon Street, Royal Street, around Jackson Square, and scattered else where throughout the French Quarter. Royal Street is usually a good spot to find street performers because it is closed off to traffic most of the time. While technically the street performer’s entertainment is free most of them are very good and make a living performing for you. So if you enjoy their performance, or take their picture, or they some how enhance your visit to the Crescent City then please place a tip into their coffers.

Uncle Willie in the French Quarter

How can someone stand that still for so long?

While you are in the French Quarter exploring New Orleans keep a watch out for Uncle Louie and his dog Little Willie. A French Quarter favorite and practially a French Quarter icon Uncle Louie has been performing as a human statue in the French Quarter since 1993. Uncle Louie can almost always be found on Royal Street in the French Quarter. Go ahead and take his picture or have your picture taken with him.
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans

Doreen's Jazz New Orleans

This group of musicians, Doreen’s Jazz, can be found regularly in the French Quarter on Royal Street. Their performance always draws a nice sized crowd. They not only perform in the French Quarter but at private engagements and music festivals all over the United States, Canada, Europe South America, Africa and Asia. Doreen sings and plays the clarinet and the tuba player is Lawrence Ketchens. If you are a fan of Jazz music then you must be sure to search Doreen out while you are in New Orleans. Doreen’s Jazz has produced well over a dozen CD’s and they are available to do private engagements.
French Quarter Street Band Here is a band performing on Royal Street for French Quarter visitors. If you come across a band whose music you enjoy sit down on the curb or sidewalk, make your self comfortable and listen for a while.
Silverman by the French Market. I found this Silverman at the French Market during the French Quarter festival.
Swamp Monster Street Performer Keep an eye out for the Swamp Monster roaming around the French Quarter. I don't know whether Hurricane Katrina blew him into town or if he was attracted by all the noise from our Saints fans. What ever the case he is roaming the Quarter so be sure to find him and give him a tip.
Silverman by the French Market.

Robo Tron at Jackson Square

If you find yourself in or around Jackson Square you may just be lucky enough to come across Robo Tron. The combination of his costume, music and his moves what a show he puts on! When he is performing you will usually find him at Jackson Square on Decatur Street across from Cafe du Monde. Don't be bashful step right up and have your picture taken with him.
Street Performers on Bourbon Street Bourbon Street in the French QuarterSome Street performers I saw in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street one fall evening after work.
Mike a Royal Street Performer This is Mike the construction guy. While exploring the French Quarter you will usually find this street performer on Royal Street.
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