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This page is dedicated to just the daily life that you will discover as you explore New Orleans. Maybe not while on a tour or while enjoying an attraction but just simple things you will see as you walk the streets of New Orleans and the French Quarter. It could be as simple as a snowball stand or riders climbing aboard a streetcar or it could be as breath taking as the fog that rises from the river, creeps over the levee and envelopes the French Quarter.

New Orleans Style Snoballs

Treat yourself to a New Orleans Style Snoball * Seasonal

If you are vacationing in New Orleans during the hotter months (May – Oct) don’t leave without experiencing a New Orleans style snow-ball. There is nothing as refreshing as sitting in the shade enjoying a snowball on a hot New Orleans day. Whether you are a child or an adult this is a treat you don’t want to miss. Snow-balls, not to be confused with snow-cones, differ from other icy treats because they are made with shaved ice. They are sweet, light and melt in your mouth and come in dozens of flavors. You can also get just about any topping you want added, including ice cream, whipped cream, condensed milk and chocolate syrup. If you are in the French Quarter or CBD you will find this New Orleans Snoball stand in Spanish Plaza which is on the riverfront between the Aquarium of the Americas and the Riverwalk Market Place. He also sells smoothees, ice cream, shakes and malts.

Riverfront Streetcar line

You too can board the New Orleans Streetcar at Canal Street Ferry terminal

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Cruise ship in New Orleans

I recommend that you take a Caribbean cruise from New Orleans

The cruise ship Norwegian Spirit sailing down the Mississippi River past my neighborhood as she heads for the Gulf of Mexico and ultimately the Western Caribbean. If you are planning to take a cruise there is no better place to start then in New Orleans. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans. Carnival Cruise Lines offers 4, 5 and 7 day Caribbean cruises aboard the cruise ship Triumph. So when you come plan to arrive several days early and make New Orleans your first port of call. Stay in a French Quarter Hotel and explore New Orleans and the French Quarter

French Quarter Street Vendor

French Quarter Street Vendors

This is a street vendor selling refreshing cold drinks, water, and ice cream sandwiches on Royal and St Louis Street. While you are exploring the French Quarter do not worry about getting thirsty or hungry. Besides and abundant selection of restaurants in the French Quarter there are also many convenience stores scattered through out the neighborhood and it's usually not difficult to find a friendly street vendor selling cold drinks, hot dogs, as well as other snacks. At times it can get down right hot in New Orleans. So be a big spender and treat the family to some ice cream and cold drinks.

Evangelist Keith Sam New Orleans

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

On any given day you will find evangelist Keith Sam with his bible, a bull horn and wearing an umbrella hat proclaiming the good news of the gospel. �That in Jesus Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself by not counting their sins against them�. This evangelist has been on the corner of Decatur Street and Canal Street for over thirty years. No doubt many thousands of people have heard his message.

Lawrence and Blake serving up New Orleans boilded crabs

Enjoy some New Orleans boiled crabs

Whether you buy your crabs or catch them yourself, nothing beats a New Orleans crab boil. A crab boil is part of every day life in New Orleans just as a barbeque is in other parts of the country. The ingredients for a perfect crab boil are friends and family, Louisiana Blue Crabs, Zatarain’s (pronounced ZAT-uh-rans) crab boil, corn, onions, whole potatoes, garlic, and sausage. Everyone has their own personal recipe for boiling crabs and there are numerous recipes available on the web so I will not give you my two cents worth here. But I will tell you that in New Orleans they tend to be a little hotter and tastier so when in New Orleans do as the New Orleanians do and find yourself some boiled crabs and enjoy. Nothing beats the sweet taste of a perfectly boiled crab like these my son just cooked up for us.

St Louis Cathedral New Orleans

St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square from the Canal St ferry

I took this picture while going home from work, crossing the Mississippi River on the Canal Street ferry. When I boarder the ferry there was not any fog on the river. During my brief several minute crossing to Algiers Point the fog just began to rise off of the river. By the time the ferry approached the Algiers terminal the fog had thickened and I was able to take this shot of the St Louis Cathedral. Moments later the St Louis Cathedral was completely shrouded in fog. Fog season in New Orleans is usually in the months of December, January, and February. Although dangerous for travel this river fog can by quite picturesque. It forms on the river and then slowly creeps over the levee into the French Quarter. It adds an eerie stillness to the air which muffles the sounds and with the passing mule drawn carriage it takes you back in time to the Vieux Carre in the mid 1800s.

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