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Dining on the Yacht in Dubai

What is he speaking about now, a yacht in Dubai? Just a week ago he was planning a summer sailing trip to Croatia, and then some excursion. What happened to Croatia? Nothing guys, Croatia plan is still on. Rose was over the moon when I told her. I was happy and to be honest relieved as well. It's going to be great, but back to reality. Work, work, work. I've actually just got back from my business trip today. It was not my first time in Dubai; I always managed to squeeze in between the meetings some sightseeing. I usually stay in a hotel close to the Dubai World Trade Centre.  It is not difficult to move around the City, but I don't have much time to spare.

The Meeting is Cancelled, Let's Do Something Exciting Instead.

I was heading to my next meeting. It was the last day of my stay. I was already by the lift, pushing the button, when I got the phone call from my boss.  My boss is a really hard working man, strict, but fair. That type of a man you look up to and wish to be like him some day. Our relationship was always very formal and professional, although we had been on lots of business trips together. We always spoke about work only, but this time I noticed he carried the newest issue of the Yachting Magazine with him. I knew it was the newest, because I had the same one in my suitcase. I asked if he liked sailing and I dared to share with him that I recently fell in love with it too.  I told him about my summer plan and I got some tips too. We were in Dubai and both of us agreed it would be a dream come true, if we could step our feet on Azzam, the world's biggest yacht, whose owner happens to be the president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. And although a super yacht is a hole you pour your money to, me and my boss agreed, we would gladly pour them too, because it's fun. And as you can read here, we are not the only ones who think the same.  So I was standing by the lift, with one foot in, listening to my boss saying "The meeting is cancelled, let's do something exciting instead". And that's how I got the invitation for dinner on 96 feet luxury yacht.

Let's Enjoy a Bit of Luxury

Ok I got a day off in Dubai, plus as a bonus dining on the yacht. I know what you are thinking right now, bloody lucky bastard or other strongly explicit words. Yeah, I was super lucky and I was going to enjoy it to the max. Don't worry it was not fun party on board, work was still included as it was dinner with my boss and his partners.

And That's When I Saw Her

I think my heart skipped the beat, when I first saw her.  It was 96 feet Beauty; a floating luxury castle. Our hosts offered us to stay for a night or two, which we had to refuse as we had early morning flight back to London. No comment, I guess it was too much of a good fortune for one day.

"You Can Have a Look Around", They Said.

We were supposed to have dinner at 8 pm, so there was some spare time. I was hypnotizing our lovely hosts so that they would offer us to have a look around. It worked; they really did take us on a tour. I hope nobody saw my jaw dropping. The yacht had 5 cabins, dinette area, spacious fly bridge, wooden and carpet flooring and although I'm not a fashion or interior expert I could recognize Versace decor and design. We sat on the sunbeds for a while to enjoy the amazing view of Dubai while cruising. Man I could get used to this, that was a moderate luxury portion. Not like what I had read earlier that day. This is a bit exaggerated. I like my champagne in a glass, not showering with it.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic as well, we had barbecued sea food. That was definitely the best business trip so far. What about you and luxury yachts? Too materialistic and lavish or your dream come true?

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