New Orleans cold delicious snoballs

New Orleans Snoballs


New Orleans Pralines, Snoballs, Coffee and treats

Hand-made candies, creamy pralines, rich chocolate fudge, Mississippi mud, chicory coffee, spices and more - enjoy the rich flavors of the New Orleans during your vacation. Sweets and treats abound in New Orleans. Whether you are looking for a snoball or milkshake to cool you down on a hot New Orleans summer day or searching for a hot cup of coffee to warm you as a cold wind blows off the Mississippi River New Orleans has either one for you. Not only does New Orleans have famous snowballs, coffee and delicious old fashion milkshakes you can also find pralines, pecan brittle, hand-crafted chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, ice cream and a vast assortment of other sweets and treats. On this page I will tell you were to find the best milkshakes in New Orleans, the creamiest pralines and the most delicious chocolates that New Orleans has to offer.

Café du Monde serving up beignets in the French Quarter

Café du Monde * French Quarter

You can’t visit New Orleans and miss out on Café du Monde; it is the most famous café in the Crescent City. Café du Monde is a great place to start your day or to end your evening before retiring to your hotel. The 24-hour café is located at 800 Decatur Street in the French Quarter directly across from Jackson Square and has been the original French Market coffee stand since 1862. Café du Monde is known for its café au lait and its French-style beignets but also serves iced coffee, sodas, milk and hot chocolate as well. You will not find a better place to people watch than under the iconic green and white-striped awning covering the café. Just follow the steps over the flood wall from Café du Monde to the Riverfront streetcar line and the river itself.The original café can become quite busy and the lines extremely long but they do have another location in the Outlet Collection in Riverwalk. It is not quite as historic as the original location but it is located indoors and has a nice view of the river.

Southern Candymakers in the French Quarter

Southern Candymakers * French Quarter

While visiting New Orleans stop by Southern Candymakers in the French Quarter and try a free sample of New Orleans best pralines. Southern Candymakers is a family-owned candy store making fresh delicious candy from the French Quarter for the past two decades. When you walk in the door of their Decatur St. shops, the first things you see are their fresh pralines being scooped onto a marble slab, molten hot toffee being expertly dolloped onto parchment. On the other side of the store, you’ll find their chocolate kitchen where you can see Candymakers pouring out fresh batches of caramel to create turtles, scooping out hundreds of nut clusters, hand-decorating chocolate frogs and alligators, or dipping the discs of toffee in chocolate and sprinkling them with nuts. They also serve ice cream and old fashion milkshakes. Southern Candymakers is located at 334 Decatur St and 1010 Decatur St.

The Mister Apple Shop in the French Quarter

The Mister Apple Shop * French Quarter

The Mister Apple Shop specializes in gourmet caramel dipped candy apples. They say that by using only all natural Granny Apples is what makes their apples so tasty. I dare to say that it is dipping them in creamy caramel, dark or white chocolates that really helps. If you are looking for other delicious treats Mister Apple also sells Creole pralines, brownies, and peanut butter bon bons . During those hot summer months Mister Apple is a great place in the French Quarter to grab an ice cream, hand spun milk shake, sno-ball or smoothie. Mister Apple is located at 201 N. Peters Street.

Leah's Pralines in the French Quarter

Leah's Pralines * French Quarter

Leah’s Pralines is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the historic New Orleans French Quarter. Leah Johnson bought Cook's Confections in 1944. Today, her family continues to sell her original creamy pralines and other delicious confections from the same French Quarter location where she started out. At Leah’s you will find a delicious assortment of creamy, traditional, chocolate, or mixed handmade pralines, turtles, Cajun mud, pecan brittle and much more. All of their candy is made right in the store and is fresh and delicious! Leah’s also makes a delicious King Cake during the Mardi Gras season. You will find Leah's Pralines shop at 714 St. Louis Street.

The Spice & Tea Exchange in the French Quarter

The Spice & Tea Exchange of New Orleans * French Quarter

Be sure to visit The Spice & Tea Exchange in the French Quarter. Just follow the aroma of finest in savory spices, gourmet teas and seasonings and it will lead you to this charming little Spice & Tea Exchange. Their cooking herbs, spice blends and rubs are hand-selected for your cooking pleasure. Their gourmet teas are enjoyed by tea lovers across the nation. A culinary delight awaits you inside the Spice & Tea Exchange. They combine traditional and exotic gourmet spices, cooking herbs and seasonings from around the globe in the preparation of our 60+ hand-mixed signature blends and rubs. Packaging by the ounce allows you to experiment as you journey through their vast selection of spices and seasonings. The Spice & Tea Exchange is located 521 St. Louis Street in the French Quarter and their phone number is (504) 598-5689.

Laura's Candies & Creole Gourmet Store

Laura's Candies * French Quarter

Visit Laura's Candies Store for a taste of delicious Creole pralines, truffles, Mississippi Mud and other hand-crafted chocolates that are made fresh daily in their own kitchen. Laura’s Candies & Creole Gourmet is New Orleans oldest candy store and it is located in the French Quarter at 331 Chartres Street. Besides their delicious chocolates they also feature Laura's Creole and Cajun gourmet items for a taste of authentic New Orleans.

La Divina in the French Quarter

La Divina on St. Peter St. * French Quarter

Stop by La Divina in the French Quarter for some awesome, cool refreshing Italian ice cream, gelato. La Divina is the only place in the State of Louisiana to make Italian ice cream gelato (or ice cream for that matter) from scratch without pastes, powders or bases - and you can taste the difference! Everything is all natural, local and organic whenever possible. They use Smith's Creamery milk from happy grass-fed, hormone free cows, organic sugar, fresh eggs, and the best local produce, nuts, chocolates, and herbs we can find! Located right off Jackson Square at 621 St. Peter, they are open daily: La Divina not only sells gelato it is also a good place to eat in the French Quarter.

New Orleans Style Snoballs

Treat yourself to a New Orleans Style Snoball * Seasonal

If you are vacationing in New Orleans during the hotter months (May – Oct) don’t leave without experiencing a New Orleans style snow-ball. There is nothing as refreshing as sitting in the shade enjoying a snowball on a hot New Orleans day. Whether you are a child or an adult this is a treat you don’t want to miss. Snow-balls, not to be confused with snow-cones, differ from other icy treats because they are made with shaved ice. They are sweet, light and melt in your mouth and come in dozens of flavors. You can also get just about any topping you want added, including ice cream, whipped cream, condensed milk and chocolate syrup. If you are in the French Quarter or CBD you will find this New Orleans Snoball stand in Spanish Plaza which is on the riverfront between the Aquarium of the Americas and the Riverwalk Market Place. He also sells smoothees, ice cream, shakes and malts.

What is a praline?

A praline (pronounced praw-leen) is a cookie shaped delicious creamy and sweet confectionary treat that dates back to the mid 1700s. Different Southern cooks swear by a variety of recipes but most often a praline is made up of a combination of fresh milk, cream, sugar, butter, brown sugar and pecans. Trying a praline is a must thing to do while visiting New Orleans. You can purchase pralines at many places but I suggest buying them fresh at Southern Candymakers, Laura’s Candies or Leah’s Praline

What is a beignet?

Beignets (pronounced ben-YAY) are known in New Orleans as a delicious square breakfast served with powdered sugar on top to be eaten with Coffee or Hot Chocolate. However, they are served 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are traditionally prepared right before consumption to be eaten fresh and hot. Beignets are tasty deep fried pieces of yeast dough, usually about 2 inches square. After being fried, they are sprinkled heavily with powder sugar. They are usually served in orders of three.

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