Riverfront Streetcar in New Orleans

Riverfront Streetcar


New Orleans Streetcar Routes and Information

New Orleans Streetcars are a great way to get out and explore New Orleans. The historic New Orleans streetcars travel throughout the Crescent City on four different lines: the St Charles Streetcar route, the Canal St Streetcar route, the Riverfront Streetcar route and the Loyola Avenue/Union Terminal loop. So climb aboard and take a trip into the past on a New Orleans streetcar. The streetcars running along Canal Street, the Riverfront and the Loyola loop (red) are more modern than those running along the St. Charles Avenue route (green) and they have more conveniences. The red streetcars are fully air-conditioned with wider doors that allow for handicap access. The street cars only accept cash or passes. For unlimited streetcar riding I recommend that you purchase a Jazzy Pass. For information on purchasing passes go to the New Orleans RTA website.

St Charles Streetcar Route Information

St Charles Streetcar Route

The famous St. Charles Line is the oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world! The route is a 13 mile long loop and runs from Carondelet and Canal streets (Stop No. 0) thru the CBD, the Garden District, Riverbend and to the end of the line at Palmer Park on Carondelet Avenue. The cars turn around at Palmer Park and head back towards the French Quarter. Riding the complete St Charles streetcar loop takes about an hour and a half. Traveling down St Charles Avenue you will see plenty of restaurants and dozens of historic New Orleans mansions. For extra fun you should get off along the way and enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants along the route. For more information on restaurants and attractions along the St. Charles Streetcar route visit my St Charles Streetcar page.

Canal St Streetcar Route Information

Canal Street Streetcar Route

The Canal Street Streetcar has two routes; the Canal Streetcar Cemeteries and the Canal Streetcar City Park/Museum. Both Canal Street routes take you down the center of Canal Street from the river at the foot of Canal St to South Carrollton Avenue. It is at S. Carrollton that each route heads to if final destination. The Canal Streetcar Cemeteries route is a 7 mile long route that starts at the foot of Canal St and ends at the historic New Orleans cemeteries on City Park Avenue. The Canal Streetcar City Park/Museum route is a 7.5 mile long route that starts at the foot of Canal St and end near the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park.

Riverfront Streetcar Route Information

Riverfront Streetcar Route

The Riverfront Line does exactly as it says in takes you along the New Orleans Riverfront. Stops along the Riverfront streetcar line include the Riverwalk Market Place(shopping and eating) * Canal Street ferry terminal(cross the Mississippi River) * Aquarium of the Americas(lots of neat fish n things)* IMAX theatre(great movie) * Waldenburg Park(picnics, relaxing, and river view) * Moonwalk and Café’ Du Monde(coffee and beignets) * New Orleans French Market(shopping and flee market) * The Shops at Canal Place(more shopping and eating) * Cruise Ship Terminal * The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. For more information on restaurants and attractions along the Riverfront Streetcar route visit my Riverfront Streetcar page.

Loyola Avenue/Union Passenger Streetcar Route

Loyola Avenue/Union Passenger Terminal Streetcar Route

The newest addition to the New Orleans streetcar lines is the Loyola Avenue/Union Passenger Terminal streetcar route. This streetcar line is about a mile and half long and includes stops near the Hyatt Regency Hotel/Superdome and the Union Passenger Terminal. For visitors arriving in the Big Easy by Greyhound bus or Amtrak trains, the Loyola streetcar will provide transportation from the terminal to Canal Street and the French Quarter. The existing fleet of the red Canal Street and Riverfront streetcars will accommodate the Loyola loop. These streetcars are fully air-conditioned with wider doors that allow for handicap access.

Map of New Orleans Streetcar Routes


How do I pay for the New Orleans Streetcar fare?

You pay when you board, the street cars only accept exact cash or passes.

Does the New Orleans streetcar offer an unlimited usage pass?

YES, the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) issues a 1-Day, 3-Day and 31-Day Jazzy Pass. With a Jazzy Pass you don’t need exact change; you don’t need transfers; you can hop on and off buses and streetcars whenever you wish; save money when you ride a lot; feel like a local (whether you are one or not).

Where can I buy a Jazzy Streetcar Pass for the streetcar?

1-Day Jazzy Passes can be purchased from the bus driver or streetcar conductor when you board. Only cash is accepted.
1-Day, 3-Day and 31-Day Jazzy Passes are available at Walgreens drugstores in New Orleans; Various hotels; Various grocery stores, banks, and retailers.
Remember that each rider needs his or her own Jazzy Pass.

What time do the streecars stop running, what are the streetcar hours of operation?

All four New Orleans streetcar routes operate twenty-four hours a day.

How do I let the conductor know I want to get off the street car?

When your stop is approaching just pull the wire that runs over the windows. This will ring a bell in front by the conductor and he will stop the streetcar at the next stop.

Where do I get on the St Charles Streetcar?

If you are staying in the French Quarter or a hotel along Canal Street you would board the St. Charles Streetcar on either the corner of Carondelet St and Canal Street or the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street. The stops are one city block apart. See map above for details.

Can I take the streetcar to the WWII museum?

The St Charles Streetcar passes one block from the World War II Museum. Getting off the streetcar a Lee Circle will put you at the WWII museum and the Civil War Museum

Does the streetcar go to the Audubon Zoo?

You can get to the zoo by taking the The St Charles Streetcar and getting off at Audubon Park streetcar stop, however you will have a 20 minute walk through the park to get to the Zoo entrance. It is a pleasant walk when the weather is nice.

Can I ride a streetcar to a historic cemetery?

Yes, the St Charles streetcar route passes within one block of the famous Lafayette Cemetery #1. This cemetery located across the street from Commanders Palace Restaurant was established in 1832, is the resting place of a confederate General and the location of several movie scenes.

Can I use the Riverfront streetcar to get to the Cruise Ship Terminals?

Yes, the Riverfront streetcar does take cruise ship passengers and their luggage to the port terminals. Just remember to allow plenty enough time, the cruise ships wait for no one.

Do the streetcars go through or stop in the French Quarter?

No, the street cars do not go into the French Quarter? However, the Canal Street Streetcar runs along the downriver (Southern) edge of the Quarter and the Riverfront Streetcar runs along the riverside (Eastern) edge of the Quarter. From these two streetcar stops everything in the Quarter is a matter of blocks.

Can I take my dog on the New Orleans streetcar or bus?

Sorry, but as far as I know only service dogs are allowed aboard New Orleans buses and streetcars.

Where can I find more information about New Orleans Streetcars and buses?

Visit the New Orleans RTA website.

What is the difference between a streetcar, a trolley and a cable car?

Here is a simple test to distinguish streetcars from trolleys and cable cars:
If it is in New Orleans it is a streetcar.
If it is anywhere else it is a trolley or cable car.

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