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Use this page to ask two New Orleans locals for suggestions or information about New Orleans. My family moved to New Orleans when I was a teenage in September of 1974. I like to consider myself Westerner by birth, southerner by the grace of God. My wife whom I married in 1981 was born a raised in New Orleans. We both love New Orleans and know her quite well. We would like to help make your vacation in New Orleans the best possible experience that it can be. So that when you leave you will take home many fond memories of our great city. So please feel free to ask us for suggestions or any questions that you may have about New Orleans and your vacation plans here. We will do our best to answer you. If we do not know the answer we will try and find it or direct you to someone or some site more knowledgeable. Hurry on down to New Orleans and enjoy everything the Crescent City has to offer. When you make your hotel plans be sure to book through my site, I offer a large variety of hotels and with some great prices!

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